Meet The Band

Stina Sandström is from Sweden and has been singing with Lisa for many years. She has an early classical background as a violinist but only in more recent years started to focus on her skills as a vocalist.

Stina has 12 lamps in her HUGE bedroom.

Junshi Murakami, originally from Tokyo, has been caught by the magic of Dublin and living there for over 10 years. He enjoys busy days playing and teaching the harp, and he loves cooking songs and sharing soup recipes with Lisa.

He also loves hedgehogs!

Stephen Mogerley is a Dublin born upright Bass player. Having toured with many Irish acts over the past decade, he joined the Lisa O'Neill band in September of 2009. He splits his time between playing music and directing music videos for acts including Paul Brady, Jerry Fish and The Walls.

He enjoys bolognese and hoovers make him sleepy.

Steve Mogerley on the YouTube

Mossy Nolan is from Galway City but is based in Dublin, he and Lisa met playing and singing in sessions around the city and they have been playing together since. He plays the 4 string Tenor Banjo, the Mandzouki and the Mandolin. Mossy is an accomplished musician in the Folk and Traditional genre and also writes and arranges his own material.

He nearly drowned in Australia once. He's fine now.

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